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 CSA Main Store

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Master Marcus
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PostSubject: CSA Main Store   Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:41 pm

Welcome to the CSA Official Store

Name Change:
(price: 500 GP)
You want to change your name? It can be done for a price.

Instant Retest here:
(Early Dorm Test: 300 GP)
If you don't want to wait a month for retest here is a place where you can get one instantly. (Limit 1 per 2 weeks)

Record Reset:
(price: 2000 GP)
This is for those times that you want to start over and make a fresh start. 

User Tournament Item :
(price: 1000 GP)
This is an event held by a user. Discuss Details with an admin or game master before holding your event.

GFX Shop :
(price:1000 GP)
Are you an artist? Well this item is a place where you can show off your work. Also make GP for doing it for others.

Deck Shop
(Price: 700GP)
Are you good at deck construction? can you make almost ANY deck competitively? then make some GP out of it for making decks and sending them to others.

Name Change (when applicable):
GP Total:



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CSA Main Store

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