Crimson Shadow Academy
Welcome to Crimson Shadow Academy!!
Crimson Shadow Academy
Welcome to Crimson Shadow Academy!!
Crimson Shadow Academy
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Crimson Shadow Academy

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PostSubject: Introductions!!!   Introductions!!! Icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 6:07 pm

Well to Crimson Shadow Academy (CSA) duelists.

First thing is first, if you do not have a dorm assigned on (CSA) you will need to get tested by our testers. Before you ask a tester for a test look over our Testing Rules and Banlist. Most activities on (CSA) require you to be on an assigned dorm.

Dueling Field (DF) and Shadow Realm (SR)

Dueling Field or DF is where you mostly will get DP. On a DF the winner will get 25 Dueling Points (DP). The loser on the other hand will receive only a duel record of +1 loss. For more information please read our Battle Field Rules.

Shadow realm or SR is where you would get DP too, but be warned you can also lose some DP. A Shadow Realm or SR is a place that you would place a bid and duel it on match mode. The winner will get the bet amount of DP, on the other hand the player that lost will receive a loss in their record and will get their DP taken. For more information about SR or Shadow Realm please visit our Shadow Realm Rules.


Team Registration is where you will make up a team of 8 (Max). For more information please check our Team Registration Rules. It will need to be accepted by our GameMasters to make it official.

Team Bunkers is when your team is approved by GameMasters and declare wars on other teams and gain a team rank.

War Arena is where your team would compete with another team, but first you must have the war approved by a GameMaster. For more information please check our War Arena and Registraton Rules.


Introductions!!! Inzekt11
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