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 Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness

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PostSubject: Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness   Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness Icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 10:35 pm

Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness Vanity
Vanity's Emptiness

Card's Effect:

Neither player can Special Summon monsters. Destroy this card when a card is sent from the Deck or the field to your Graveyard.

Feature Card Vanity's Emptiness is perhaps one of the cards seeing new light in today's meta. There might be some controversy on whether to use this card or not due to its noticeable Self-Destruction Effect, but a pro player can even use this effect to their own advantage, similar to the known method of flipping Jowgen in your Spellbooks with fate so that your plays go unhindered while your opponent feels the full blunt of its prevention prowess. We'll be going down the list of, practical uses, deck insertion, and side/main segments for this card. As we go, we'll include the do and don'ts for this card.

      Practical Uses:

      The most common way to use this card is as the card suggests, "To Prevent Special Summoning." Now, why the use of this card is worth noting than other prevention abilities is that it can be used in practically any deck[except E-Drags] at the right time to hinder your opponent while you have your correct set-up. Because it is a trap, it has this capabilities, and making the only way to get over this card[Excluding it's Self-Destruction Effect], is by MST[Unlimited]Heavy Storm[Limited] or various other destruction effects. You can also trap it with a Night Beam before it is flipped if you're lucky. 

      A notable mention for the card is that it will never stay on the field for longer than 3-4 turns. Yep indeed, and now again, you may be wondering why keep a card that won't be capable of holding its own fro 3-4 turns, well, because it's amazing, but it's also why it is a side-card, unless you go on Linux or Ranked Servers then you main the shit out of it. 

      There are specific cards that can provide protection to this card, that includes, Imperial Custom because it is indeed a continuous trap and thus when a card is sent, it will not be destroyed by its own effect. Combination of it and Macro Cosmos would tear up an opponent completely, however, to run a deck that can use Macro Cosmos and Vanity's Emptiness without any damage to yourself / adding to your consistency, you probably already have a Tier 0 Deck in hiding. "There is also another." Yep, this card's combination doesn't seem to just stop, but Number 66: Master Key Beetle is perhaps the best combination, and this is why Vanity Emptiness[Due to the fact it can run by itself] is commonly sided/mained in Verz / Gravekeeper deck builds. Master Key Beetle will protect it from being destroyed, and if Master Key Beetle was to be destroyed, you can remove it [since it's most likely going to be destroyed by battle], have your opponent go MP2 then End, then you go ham after having gone Master Key Beetle 2500 Beatdown saving up that precious hand of yours.

      Also, this a very worth mention note: "This will not be destroyed by hand discards" this include E-Drag Babies Effect, your own or your opponents Maxx "C" or Effect Veiler. ALSO! It will not be destroyed if a card is sent from your "opponents" side of the field to the grave, only your own, so a common misplay to watch out for is using a magic card or trap card that will be sent to the graveyard without Vanity having protection before.

      Deck Insertion: [ANY]

      As stated before, it can practically be used in any deck, due to its timing and easy to get rid of effect. Making it highly profitable without...well any cost. The only decks that it can advise you to stay away from when siding or should stay away from, is Suppressors. To be perfectly honest, E-Dragons can side this card and use it rather well, it's just not worth the space. Only in my opinion.

      Side / Main Choose: [Both]

      It is a card that has situational labeled on its choosing, which is why it's such an effective card, similar to Maxx "C" / Effect Veiler, it has that "choice" aspect that makes it worth while. While you're doing singles, i greatly suggest that you find space in your main deck to main this[if it doesn't hurt consistency] and let all those meta users feel shame and shock. 

      If the format you're playing in is match, then it's good to side this card in almost any deck. Quantity: Two, never more, never less. Both Side & Main.


      This card's earn its right to be side by the majority and not the minority. It has saved my ass, and even caused my opponent to force surrender duels upon being played. It's a card that trolls and shots its loads on all the Special Summoning critters out there squirming about. The self-destruction effect is what makes this card as good as it is, if it was neither player can special summon, and nothing more[Like Vanity Fiend] it would indeed be a card not played at all in a lot of decks. I recommend this card be given a chance.


Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness 2m4ueco
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Featured Card #2: Vanity Emptiness

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