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 Crimson Shadow Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Crimson Shadow Academy Rules   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:58 pm

Welcome all of you to Crimson Shadow Academy (CSA). We here in CSA strive to have a fun academy. Though with fun comes rules still that we have to go by. We have to remember this is also a children site and we can't be exposing them to such innapropriate behavior. There are some basic rules here (Of course there is rules everywhere). These are the rules: 

  • No Spamming

  • No Bumping Old Threads

  • No NSWM (Not safe for work material)

  • No Sexual Orientation

  • No Posting about other Forums without Admins permission

  • No Causing Conflict on the

  • You not allowed to have multiple accounts

If you do any of these, there will be consequences. You can get kicked off the chat, Chat Banned (Temporary or Banned Forever). So try your best to follow these rules. Any questions you can ask our Administrators, Moderators, or other forum members.

1st warning temp ban
2nd warning ban for 2 days
3rd warning ban for 5 days
4th warning ban for 1 week
5th warning 2 week ban
6th warning perm ban

Again may we remind you we strive to have fun all the time on this site and we hope u do the same. Thanks Razz


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Crimson Shadow Academy Rules

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