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 Yu-Gi-Oh: Neo Genesis [PROLUGE]

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh: Neo Genesis [PROLUGE]   Yu-Gi-Oh: Neo Genesis [PROLUGE] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 10:17 pm

    Yugioh: Neo Genesis

    PROLOGUE: Into The Darkness

    Setting: A room of darkness where light is as dim as can be, where only what's directly in-front of you is visible, and things that reflect their own light. It has a oriental feel as it seems the walls are boarded with wood, and the decorative arts are Japanese. In the middle is a silhouette sitting upon a throne.

      Guardian #1: [Is kneeling behind the thin sliding door directly behind the throne] Hao-Sama, Lt. Zana has returned.

      Hao: [A smirk of pure white appears upon his silhouette form] Excellent.

      Zana: [Suddenly appears in-front of the throne in a thicket of mist, kneeling on one knee as a sign of respect. His features can clearly be seen as slim and medium height, covered in a cloak and hood his fatial and other features are hidden by darkness. Clearly a male by voice.] Hao-Sama, i thank you for allowing me an audience.

      Hao: [Presses his elbow upon arm rest of his throne, his knuckles pressing against his cheek as his head leans] Tell me: Have you acquired It?

      Zana: [His eyes drifts away towards the ground.] Uhh...

      Hao: [His eyes sharpen on Zana's form] I asked: "Have you ACQUIRED it?"

      Zana: No I have not, my liege.

      Hao: [Sighs in disappointment] Do YOU have any idea how important it is that it be found?

      (Lt. Zana stays silent)

      Hao: [Scoffs in anger] I should've sent Zarta, she never disappoints me.

      Zana: [Gathers confidence to speak once more] Albeit i may not have obtained the item, i have located it.

      (Hao's attitude turns from angry to joyful cheer)

      Hao: Why not say so earlier?

      Zana: [Ignores the question, knowing giving a response will only lead to punishment] It is located...somewhere on Earth.

      (Hao's joyful look changes once more into anger causing the room itself to shake apart, then into laughter.)

      Hao: HAHAHA! So he took it and himself to that wretch place, after 10 years, i'll not only be capable of ridding the universe of that inferno hell, but gain what's needed to finally set my place. Oh, [begins to talk to himself] is this what they call hitting two stones with one bird? HAHAHA

      Zana: [Sweatdrops] {Thoughts: Do you mean kill two birds with one stone.}

      Hao: ZANA!!!

      Zana: [Startled by the sudden shout] Y-Yes?

      Hao: [Stands up from his throne, his appearance still hidden by the darkness of the room] Gather my force.

      Zana: Hm?


      Yu-Gi-Oh: Neo Genesis [PROLUGE] Earth

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Neo Genesis [PROLUGE]

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