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 Instanitymist GFX Shop

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PostSubject: Instanitymist GFX Shop   Instanitymist GFX Shop Icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 6:15 pm

{DL} DarkLove GfxShop
Instanitymist GFX Shop Yugioh10

When you order please do so in this format.
Request type =
Size =
Text =
Render =

Avatar size should be around :150x300
Signature size should be around : 500x200
Custom sleeves size : width 177 px , hight 254 px
Userbar : width 305 px, height 19 px

3D Signature = 150
Signature = 150
Avatar = 100
Custom sleeves= 75
Userbar = 50

No gore, No curse words, No defacing of women or men
Sample's of my work.

Instanitymist GFX Shop Untitl10
Instanitymist GFX Shop Earth_12
Instanitymist GFX Shop Choppe10


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Instanitymist GFX Shop

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