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 Alien Review

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PostSubject: Alien Review   Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:19 pm

Heya guys today so ill be doin the Archetype Review Weekly its going to be all about outer space and an overlooked archetype…no its not photons/galaxies…but aliens lol
Note:Used Spoilers for the Card Description/Effects so it’ll look fixed,Shorter and not messy if u know what I mean
Archetype Review: Aliens

Table Of Contents

1. Concept
2. Pro/Cons
3. KeyCard Mini Reviews
4. Staple Cards
5. Tech Cards
6. Skeleton
7.     Combos
8. Thanks!


Field Control,SynchroCentric,Think outside of the box due to those counters,having many counters as fast as possible to use them

On Every Archetype we got  Pro and a Con

[+]It’s a fun based deck that may annoy your opponent
[+]Not that hard to familiarize what it does
[+]Frustrates your opponent when ya got the right cards
[-]They lack alien support
[-]Theyre not competitive enough
[-]Opponent might rant about it but meh,whats new lol
[-]They rely on counters so u can unlock their potential
[-]They waste resources way too fast

KeyCard Mini Review
Alien Kid
Alien Kid sports an effect that infects any monster that is Special Summoned on the opponent's side of the field with an A-Counter, making this a good card to use against decks like Lightsworns, or Psychics, even Blackwings plus Due to the Meta/Format for this Sept 2012,pretty much every deck can special summon so why not run this?,On another hand, Alien Kid also has the ATK/DEF reduction line in its text, making it another surefire pick for Aliens that commonly face against Special Summon-oriented decks, giving Alien Kid a potential ability to survive battle as it has a decent 1600.
Alien Warrior
Warrior’s effect heavy offense and defense possibilities. Really this card is one of the strongest and most synergistic cards in the Alien army.1800 atk is no joke,more further when battling with a monster that has an A-Counter, it would be giving him pseudo stats of 2100/1300 against all monsters with AC's and with these stats, it isn’t hard to keep him on the field in order to keep your opponent’s monsters weakened.
Alien Dog
What the Alien Dog can do is nothing short of good (somewhat reminiscent of Test Tiger in a distorted way) being able to be Special Summoned when an "Alien" monster is Normal Summoned. When you successfully Summoned Alien Dog this way, you place two A-Counters on any face-up monster(s) your opponent controls, giving you some early big plays like gol'gar,Code A's and Mysetrious Triangle, adding more A-Counters to the opposing side to abuse or weaken monsters who are normally a problem to get around in the early game,
Alien Ammonite
A card that can get any Level 4 or below "Alien" monster from the Graveyard when it is Normal Summoned, making this an automatic pick for an "Alien" deck that will run the Aliens' new Synchro support monster, Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar. Alien Ammonite in itself grants Aliens the ability to not just Synchro Summon, but the ability to reuse any of your fallen Alien monsters Like Alien warrior for more A-Counter distribution. Not only that, being able to revive an Alien monster for a turn lets you turn on some of your Spell and Traps that depend on Aliens into live plays,or being fodders forplante pollutant and Offering to the Snake Deity
Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar
big beater for a lvl 5with 2600 ATK points, Cosmic Fortress alone can run over the most commonly played tribute monsters like Jinzo, Raiza, or Caius, including the more played Synchro monsters like Stardust Dragon. However, note that its effect is actually what makes it really shine. The first effect will turn any face-up Spell/Trap into free A-Counters, Even the Fortress himself can remove 2 A-counters to destroy one card on your opponent's side of the field, adding another arsenal to the list of what Aliens can do now.
Mysterious Triangle
Woot woot free monster destruction without any cost,but as I stated before,they need counters & Letting you get around monsters that you can't get around otherwise without investing a lot of cards,a card that can be put to use in an Alien deck should be looked at with serious consideration especially for the tutoring factor.
Code-A Ancient Ruins
Woohoo free monster reborns for golgar and other alien army,you get the ability to fetch any Alien monster yon your grave depending on the situation(mostly i get gol'gar when he dies lol)
Planet Pollutant Virus
Destroys all the opponent's face-up monsters...catch is, they must have an A-Counter(s) to survive the destructive virus. Alien support card that is by far one of the better Traps designed for Aliens. The Virus  acts like Torrential Tribute and/or Mirror Force with additional benefits of infecting the opponent's Summoned monsters after activation for three of their turns.Which makes this card a definite pick for doing two things: removing any monster that doesn't have an A-Counter (which is pretty reasonable considering how often monsters leave the field) but keeps the ones that do alive (which is fine mostly because their A-Counters are doing their job by being there for weakening or to be abused by the Alien user.) Running at least two-three copies of this will ensure that you won't be overwhelmed by the cards like Stardust Dragon.

Staple Cards

1)Staple Spells(Avarice,DarkHole,Monster Reborn,Heavy Storm)

2)Pot of Duality(Your only searcher to get those Code-A,Ammonite plays)

3)Mystical Space Typhoon(a bit obvious)

4)Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the beginning(shocky to see him since u wander how u gonna summon him?,I did a few test and I end up adding the tour guide engine)

5)Tour Guide Engine(u might say they’re bad on this deck but they’re aren’t,as I stated they only add the consistency that alien lacks due to few          supports)

6)Honest(Most Aliens are Light)

Tech Cards

1)Offering to the Snake Deity(most aliens are reptiles,plus u can get 2 destructs and its not a cost so theres nothing to lose when opponent negates it)

2)Alien Psychic(I did see someone used this against me when I was using Photon/Galaxies,Pretty much stalls I must say)

3)Alien Brain(this card has a good and bad side,good side is you can take your opponents monster that destroyed your alien,bad news is it needs an
alien and You don’t get what u wanted if u know what I mean)(if not then…EX:Opponent field:BLS Stratos,Your field:Alien Warrior and Alien Brain set,stratos atks warrior,u use brain since theres no choice,then bls atks =/)

4)Detonator Circle “A”(I would prefer mysterious triangle than this though)
Interdimensional Warp:As long as the monster has A-Counter and u got an Alien,its like a free creature swap or TG1-EM1(trap for T.G’s that lets u switch monsters)

5)Cell Explosion Virus(I’d prefer mirror force than this >.> its at 2 anywayz)

6)BrainWash Beam(really? Add this? Formats about 3 night beams 3 mst heavy,lyla’s etc etc) =/

7)Mass Hypnosis(could be good since u can grab 3 monsters with A-counters for a turn)

8)Thunder King Rai-Oh(negates synchro’s,xyz,bls and stop opponent searching..)

9)Alien Overlord(free beatstick when u have counter and a counter distributor)


most Likely what I mentioned above
Solemn Trios and Most likely what I Mentioned above

Alien Dog + Alien Ammonite + Planet Pollutant

4 KeyCards for the One of the biggest plays on this deck
Normal summon ammonite,revive a lvl 4 alien,special dog,distribute 2 counters
Synchro for a Gol'gar,
Gol'gar pops the backrow
tribute dog for planet pollutant plays

Thanks for Reading this and hope this helps a lot to other players out there that are interested in playing fun fun decks
As for the Next Review I’ll be taking suggestions :Pill try my best how the archetype works
Till Again Peace


Stupidity is the worst disease, It does Spread and it has no cure for it
dont blame the deck, blame the user for making it inconsistent
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Alien Review

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